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Adoption Form
In order for Recycled Pets to determine if you are the perfect match for a dog that we have awaiting adoption, we ask that you read and complete this adoption application before phoning.

Due to our longevity,it is our promise that we will utilize our expertise and discernment in making a match that is ideal for both you and each dog we place. Because our focus over the years has shifted to free public education/assistance and the long-term, in-home care of unadoptable senior and special needs pets, it has become even more critical for Recycled Pets to ask for, and receive, a specific donation/fee when we do place a more "desirable" pet. With this in mind, we kindly ask that your contribution/fee for the adoption of one of our pets start at no less than $300, which includes altering, shots, a veterinary check, grooming and issue resolving help for the rest of your beloved recycled pets' life.

Whether you adopt a pet from our rescue, or choose to adopt from somewhere else, we ask that you find it in your heart to offer as much of a donation as possible. It is through your generosity that private rescues like ours can continue our efforts and are able to survive saving lives.

Breed (if mixed, please list all known breeds):
Name of Dog:
Your Name:
Your Age:
Spouse or Companion:
Spouse/Companion's Age:
Persons living with you, their relationship to you and their ages:
Does anyone in your household experience allergies to animals? Yes No
If yes, please explain:
Full Street Address:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Spouse/Companion's Occupation:
Working hours away from home each day:
Where would the dog be left when alone?
Type of dwelling (house, apt., condo, townhome, etc.):
Does your home have a pool? Yes No
Is your home 1 or 2 story? One Two
Own or rent your residence? Own Rent
Where would the dog sleep?
What type of fencing does your home have and how high is it?
Is an inspection of your home by a rescue volunteer OK with you? Yes No
If you have ever or presently do own dogs,
please complete the following section
Your age at the time:
How long did you have the pet:
What happened to the pet:
Your age at the time:
How long did you have the pet:
What happened to the pet:
If you presently own a dog, has it been spayed/neutered? Yes No
What other animals do you presently own?
What is your main reason for adopting a pet?
If you travel, how will you care for your pet while you're gone?
If your pet became destructive or developed some other behavior problem, how would you correct it or what would you do to resolve the issue?
What provisions would be made for your pet if you had to move?
What provisions would be made if you were no longer able to care for your pet due to illness or death?
Under what circumstances would you NOT keep your pet?
Suggested donation fee: