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Here are some wonderful items for you or a loved one.

The products and supplements listed on this site are for informative purposes only and their appearance does not necessarily represent our endorsement. Please see your Vet or Physician regarding your use of these products.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration.

Iyashi WandIyashi Zero Point
Healing Energy Wand

Randi is very excited about one of the most recent products she's discovered, the Iyashi Wand, one of the original, authentic zero point energy wands and the first full spectrum all purpose healing tool. From reducing pain, increasing energy, detoxifying your body to improving sleep, the Iyashi Wand allows you to restore the innate balance to your body and energy field. Randi is excited to use it on all her geriatric friends and dogs with issues that have become desensitized to magnets! Order this amazing healing tool, as well as other healing products, by contacting Randi. Your orders benefit Recycled Pets Rescue!

Exciting News!
Nutramax Labs, the makers of Welactin, Cosequin, Proviable, Denosyl, Denamarin, Oxstrin, and more, was kind enough to donate a variety of supplements to us as a fundraiser for the Rescue. Please email us for details. Hurry as supplies are limited!

Some of our beloved Recycled Pets piled on the pet pads...
they know what is good for them!

Nikken's Magnetic and Far-infrared technologies
In the nineties, Randi discovered the miraculous healing powers of Magnets and Far-infrared from Nikken, Japan's leading health care company. After witnessing life-saving results on some of her rescues, as well as helping her with some of her own injuries and sleeping issues, she spread the word to thousands of people throughout North America, impacting the lives of many. Read about these wonders in her published article here. For more information on Nikken's products for both pets and people, or to distribute, send us an email. We have a large Nikken Magnetic and Far-Infrared Pet Pad available with your minimum donation of $170, which includes shipping and tax.

Resvantage Canine
Now the Red Wine Miracle, Resveratrol, is available for our pets! This anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, longevity miracle helps blood sugar levels, the immune system, heart, joints, skin and coat. This is the only company that Pfizer labs has contracted with to package it properly for both pets and people. With your donation of $35.00 or more, we will ship you a 30 day supply for pets up to 30 pounds or a 30 day supply for humans (which includes tax and shipping).

Grateful for Home paintingSusan Rios
Susan Rios, a friend of Recycled Pets, has personally donated a Limited Edition Framed, signed and numbered Canvas "Grateful for Home" valued at $900; With your minimum donation of $450, we will arrange for a delivery or pick-up. (Click on thumbnail at right for a larger view.)

Click here to view and purchase more art by world renowned Susan Rios, or to have her paint a portrait of your own pet. Please mention, Randi Berger's Recycled Pets and a portion of the profit will be donated to Recycled Pets Rescue.

Jewelry by artist Sarah Belgard:
These pieces are all individually designed and hand-made by Sarah Belgard, volunteer for Recycled Pets Rescue since 1992. Each piece is unique and all stones listed are 100% genuine.

The price includes regular shipping and handling to the continental US and Canada, a gift box, and a 2" length increase or decrease, if necessary. The Bones used are from prey animals that have been killed naturally in the wild, then scavenged by artisans who later carve and dye them. No animals have been injured to make these pieces.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Recycled Pets Rescue. To purchase one of these pieces, use the PayPal donation link. Be sure to send a follow up e-mail to Sarah@recycledpetsrescue.com and let her know which piece you purchased and any special instructions. Sarah is also available for special orders. Please contact her for more information.

Jasper Necklace

Jasper Necklace
Length: 22”
Jasper, Carnelian, Jade, Aventurine, and Copper Necklace, with 1" focal bead
(Click on photo for a larger view)