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Past, Present, and FuturePast, Present, and Future
In MemoryIn Memory

Our Past
After learning the tragic statistics that over 75% of the pets at animal shelters would spend their last days on cement floors, with their lives ending in euthanasia, Randi Berger founded Recycled Pets Rescue. Randi was at the forefront of Southern California's animal rescue craze in the 1980s and began taking 100-200 dogs a year out of these high-kill public shelters. After being saved, the dogs were then vet checked, treated for any illnesses, altered, groomed, and, most importantly, housed cage free, in private homes as family members until their new perfect forever families were found. Soon after, Randi pioneered a concept that was foreign in her area...open house adoptions where pets needing homes were shown at high traffic locations. Recycled Pets began inviting other rescues to these adoption events and soon this concept became a successful, mainstream approach to placing homeless pets.

As many of Recycled Pets' volunteers gained the confidence to start their own rescues and began saving pets out of high-kill shelters, our focus shifted. At that time we then began working with owners needing to place their pets, educating the public with a goal of resolving issues so that the owners would ultimately keep their pets. Randi has always been most passionate about helping the senior and abused dogs and has put much effort into enlightening the public about the joys of opening our hearts and homes to them.

Our Present
Through the efforts of all unpaid volunteers, Recycled Pets Rescue has been instrumental in saving over 10,000 dogs, several hundred cats and a few other species that we could not turn away. Recycled Pets continues to assist and educate hundreds of people a year with all issues including, but not limited to; spaying and neutering, housing concerns, behavioral problems, geriatric care, selecting the best four legged match for each family, and rehoming pets so that they do not end up in public high-kill shelters.

Many of the volunteers who trained with Recycled Pets Rescue have gone on to start their own rescues. One of our ongoing goals is to help these newer organizations, as well as others, achieve success and longevity.

The animals that are in our long-term care are generally seniors or ones with medical or emotional special needs.

Our Future
The actions of Recycled Pets in the 1980s, as well as the many other private rescues that evolved after that, were significant in helping to eradicate the pet overpopulation and abuse/neglect problems in our country. However, many pet owners today still remain uneducated about these issues.

Through Randi's writing and speaking, Recycled Pets' mission today and for the future, is to educate the world on these issues, helping people to understand the importance of embracing a lifetime commitment when they bring a pet into their home. With our continued goal in helping to nurture other rescues, our focus is to expand the concept of rescue worldwide so that it becomes the primary means by which people obtain their four-legged family members. In addition, Randi continues on her never-ending, unique path, inspiring people to create their own realities by removing all limiting, negative beliefs that are preventing them from living out their dreams.